Boon Edam Announces 35 Years of the Circlelock Security Entrance

Boon Edam Inc. has announced the 35th anniversary of the launch of its Circlelock mantrap portal. The demand for this security entrance, first built in 1984, continues to grow. Today the Circlelock is used in many facilities worldwide including data centers, government and military buildings, and commercial campuses.

Facilitating the Intent of Multi-Factor Authentication

The Circlelock owes its longevity to its ability to deliver on the intent of multi-factor authentication, which is that only one person, and the right person, can enter a secure area. The portal can integrate with any access control system and biometric scanning technologies can be mounted inside the portal on an optional, supportive post.

A user can present one credential to enter the portal (which scans the interior to be sure the user is alone) and then present their face, iris, fingerprint, or hand to confirm their identity before the second door opens.

Preventing Piggybacking with Sophisticated Technology

The Circlelock combines construction with the intelligence of a near-infrared detection technology housed in the ceiling, called StereoVision 2. When a user steps into the portal, StereoVision 2 scans the compartment to verify that a user is alone before allowing them to enter a secure facility. The technology in StereoVision 2 has been enhanced over the decades and today is able to function reliably in a variety of lighting environments. Its performance over the years has proven to be the only way to prevent piggybacking into a secure area without the false rejections presented by weight mat technology.

Easier Installation than Conventional Mantraps

Unlike conventional, site-built mantraps, Boon Edam’s Circlelock mantrap portal is a fully tested, turnkey solution that can be installed in two days. There is no need for mounting sensors or cameras and continually testing to check for blind spots. In addition, the integrated hardware and software of the Circlelock delivers security without the need for guard supervision. Another option is the use of bullet-resistant glass for the cylindrical walls and sliding doors.

Today, the Circlelock addresses the demand for intelligent and automated system solutions that ensure physical security with the added advantage of data collection for business intelligence, forensics and predictive analysis applications.

“Boon Edam is the leader of mantrap solutions for Fortune 100 companies, as well as a host of users with high security needs across myriad industries,” says Tracie Thomas, vice president of marketing, Boon Edam Inc. “Even after 35 years, more firms today are seeing the value and ROI from deploying turnkey, reliable security portals like the Circlelock – it continues to stand the test of time.”

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