Boon Edam Announces Its 2019 Technical Training Program

Boon Edam Inc. has announced the breadth of its 2019 technical training program, including scheduled factory trainings, online webinars and roadshow trainings throughout the U.S. Technical training events include one to three days of product instruction and hands-on exercises.

The 2019 schedule can be seen here.

The Roadshow Brings Education Direct to Partners

In 2016, Boon Edam introduced its roadshow training program with the goal of bringing the success of its bi-annual factory trainings held in Lillington, N.C., direct to partners in their local area.

For the 2019 training program, Boon Edam’s Training Manager, Zac Ellett, has created a curriculum which addresses the top five issues seen in the field for each product type; in addition to general installation, service and maintenance instruction. The Roadshow will stop in at least a dozen locations this year, focusing on areas where a large number of installations are about to occur. For this reason, the roadshow schedule for the quarter will be released at the beginning of that quarter.

Roadshow trainings are unique in that a specially-engineered, full-size security revolving door, security portal and/or optical turnstile are sent to each training location. Partners have the opportunity to work together to assemble the units and troubleshoot them on-site, gaining confidence and competence that will translate to performance in the field.

Factory Training & Webinars

In 2019, Boon Edam will continue to host four trainings at its factory location in Lillington, N.C., with each session focusing on different product types. There will also be two AAADM A156.27 certification courses on public-use revolving doors throughout the year. Finally, Boon Edam will also provide four public webinars. This portable training method gives partners the convenience of learning on the road or at the office.

“I’m proud to be coordinating a technical training program each year that can reach our valued partners and help them delight their customers,” says Ellett. “The response we’ve received over the past three years with our roadshow training has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ll continue to expand our training program and do all we can to support our partners.”

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