Boon Edam Receives UL Certifications for Its 3-arm Tripod Turnstile

Boon Edam Inc. has announced that in alignment with their ongoing policy to certify products to North American standards, the Trilock 3-arm tripod turnstile models have been tested and certified to conform with UL (United Laboratories) Standard 294 and CAN/ULC S319 for Canada.

UL Standard 294 and CAN/ULC S319 (the harmonized standard in Canada) are industry standards for ensuring the safe operation of access control equipment in the U.S. and Canada. While all of Boon Edam’s products conform to CE (the European Union standard of safety and operation), the company continues to invest in UL certification for all door and turnstile products sold in the Americas to align with North American standards and ultimately streamline installation for their customers.

The Trilock 60 and Trilock 75 waist-high turnstiles have been a pair of workhorses since the 1980’s when they were built by Tomsed Corp., a US-based company acquired by Boon Edam in 2005. These 3-arm tripod turnstiles have been installed to control traffic in a variety of applications in the Americas including amusement parks, stadiums, public transit and universities. For many years their rugged construction has provided a way to deter tailgating in abusive traffic conditions, both indoors and out. Optional features like color finishes, platforms and wheels, and coin collectors allow organizations to customize the tripod turnstiles to fit any lobby or brand.

“Today’s business climate places a premium on risk mitigation and Boon Edam has always emphasized safety around the globe,” says Greg Schreiber, senior vice president of sales at Boon Edam Inc. “When our products conform with UL standards, our North American customers can know that a well-established, 3rd-party has rigorously tested them and confirmed they operate safely at any location.”

UL was founded in 1894 and today helps companies demonstrate safety and confirm compliance. Services offered by UL include inspection, advisory services, education and training, testing, auditing and analytics, certification software solutions, and marketing claim verification.

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