Bostik and Artaic Announce Judges for Mosaic Design Competition

Bostik Inc. and Artaic Innovative Mosaic have announced that ten judges will comprise the panel deciding upon the grand prize winner of Design ‘N Gather (DNG) 2017. The judges are:

DNG is the annual global tile mosaic design competition created by Artaic and sponsored by Bostik. It invites architects, designers and mosaic design enthusiasts to submit designs for a mosaic Selfie Studio mural to be permanently installed at the Height of Decadence, Hyde Bellagio. Those who enter will qualify to win various prizes, including the grand prize, a trip for two to Paris.

“Bostik, Artaic and MGM Resorts International are partnering closely, focused on taking Design ‘N Gather 2017 to a more globally promoted level,” declares Scott Banda, Bostik’s director of marketing and business development. “MGM has provided DNG one of their resorts to permanently showcase our 2017 winning design.”

All designs submitted must be created using Artaic’s mosaic design software, and Artaic’s 3/8-inch vitreous glass tile materials, consisting of over 140 colors. The winning mosaic will be fabricated in Boston USA using Artaic’s robotic manufacturing technology and Bostik’s Dimension RapidCure Glass-Filled Grout, made of 60 percent recycled glass that allows light to pass through the grout joint and further illuminate adjacent tiles.

A gallery consisting of ten DNG finalists will be on display at AIA Convention 2017 in Orlando, April 27-29. This same collection will also be showcased at HD Expo in Las Vegas, May 3-5. Ultimately, the grand prize winner will be unveiled at a VIP event sponsored by Bostik at Hyde Bellagio on May 4th.

Dr. Ted Acworth, CEO/founder of Artaic, summed it up by stating, “The winning DNG mosaic has to be more than outstanding. Ultimately, it will be the centerpiece of the Selfie Studio.”

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