Box Applies Joint Compound to Flat Recess or Butt Joints

AMES EasyClean BoxAMES EasyClean Box

AMES EasyClean Box

AMES EasyClean Box

The AMES EasyClean Box applies joint compound to all flat recess or butt joints, crowning the joint and feathering out the edges with an adjustable SST blade.

EasyClean Boxes are high capacity, and designed for a long life and easy maintenance with fast-release pressure plate latches that make clean up a cinch. The EasyClean Box holds more joint compound than standard flat finishing boxes, enabling the user more productivity between refillings.

For increased accuracy, especially through multiple finish coats, the EasyClean Box features an adjustable crown setting dial allows the user to easily and precisely adjust the amount of joint compound applied.

Available in 7-, 10- or 12-inch models, the boxes are made from anodized marine grade aluminum plates for increased strength and longer life. The wheels are mounted on a pivoting axle and run outside the width of the blade, allowing a better finish, especially on butt joints.

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