Build Estimates and Place Orders with Customer Relationship Management Platform

Beacon Roofing Supply Inc. announced that it has launched a partnership with JobNimbus, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform in the roofing industry. The integration of JobNimbus with Beacon Pro+, Beacon’s e-commerce platform, will enable contractors to create estimates and submit material orders directly to their local Beacon branch from inside the JobNimbus platform. By activating their Beacon account inside of JobNimbus, a contractor will be able to access custom order templates created just for them in Beacon Pro+. This allows customers to build and submit complete orders to Beacon in minutes, all with the click of a button.

“Our partnership with JobNimbus better positions Beacon to achieve our goal of helping our customers save time, manage their work more efficiently and grow their business,” says Eric Swank, COO of Beacon Roofing Supply. “The Beacon partnership with JobNimbus enables contractors using JobNimbus to have instant access to their pricing on every product we offer. Our multi-channel approach helps make Beacon an easier company to do business with, as customers can choose to walk into one of our 500+ locations or manage their business online, with 24/7 access to our digital platforms.”

“We’re proud to add Beacon to our extensive partner ecosystem to help contractors work and communicate more efficiently,” says Ben Hodson, cofounder and CEO, JobNimbus. “This industry-changing innovation puts us in a better position to serve our users’ needs and deliver the best user experience possible.”

A survey revealed that JobNimbus users experienced up to a 43 percent average annual revenue increase using the
customer relationship management platform. JobNimbus users have the ability to track their leads remotely from anywhere using an internet connection. Contractors can see their task lists for the day using the mobile application, save pictures of the job site, and keep project notes. JobNimbus also can email customers with status updates, moving jobs forward automatically.

“We’re very excited about the JobNimbus Beacon integration,” says Stacie Feller, president, Kanga Roof, a Beacon customer and JobNimbus user. “Having access to Beacon Pro+ in JobNimbus will allow us to grow without adding additional staff. We can submit orders directly to Beacon, which will eliminate errors from double entry.”

To learn more about the partnership or request a one-on-one demo, visit the website.

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