Building Supplies Shipment Helps Bahamian Relief Efforts

More than $50,000 worth of building supplies were shipped to the Bahamas last week, courtesy of 84 Lumber, which is assisting in the ongoing relief effort to help in the recovery of storm-ravaged homes in the wake of Hurricane Dorian in September.

A 121-foot barge that carries up to 187 tons, was loaded with enough plywood, roofing paper and 2- by- 4’s to help rebuild 100 damaged roofs, departed Miami destined for the Bahamas. The relief effort, coordinated by Global Empowerment Mission, a Florida non-profit organization, and in coordination with the Bahamas Relief Foundation and Bethenny Frankel’s BStrong initiative, has collected more than five million pounds of aid destined for the affected islands since the first week after the storm. Each week, 500,000 pounds of aid is shipped by GEM to the Bahamas to assist in the recovery.

84 Lumber facilitated the donation from its West Palm Beach store.  In total, 24 bundles of 5/8-inch plywood and roofing paper were donated to rebuild homes and buildings.  The Bahamian government is covering all costs of labor for the re-construction of homes, schools and businesses that were damaged or destroyed by the hurricane.

“After witnessing the level of destruction on the Bahamas, we knew that we could make a difference to help put roofs back over the heads of people who so desperately needed assistance,” says Nick Nicosia, Caribbean territory manager for 84 Lumber.  “Our West Palm Beach store moved quickly to get these needed supplies out of the store and down to Miami so that construction can begin in a matter of days. The materials donated will help hundreds of families to have a shelter from the elements. The devastation is large and the effort is nowhere near over. We look forward to the progress that will help families get back to a normal life,” says Nicosia.

Global Empowerment Mission Founder and President Michael Capponi, has personally participated in the recovery of over 200 disaster areas and has supported over 10 affected countries. Its partner, BStrong, was founded by author, celebrity and businesswoman Bethenny Frankel to provide immediate assistance to individuals and families in crisis. The Bahamas Relief Foundation was created by former NBA player, and native Bahamian, Rick Fox.

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