Bulbrite Releases Product Catalogs

Bulbrite releases two product catalogs.Bulbrite releases two product catalogs.

Bulbrite releases two product catalogs.

Bulbrite releases two product catalogs.

Innovating, educating and exceeding expectations since 1971, Bulbrite released two product catalogs that support its comprehensive portfolio of light source solutions. The new LED Product Catalog features a wide range of technologically advanced Bulbrite LED products, for both traditional and designer applications. The General Product Catalog contains Bulbrite’s vast assortment of Incandescent, Halogen, Krypton/Xenon, Compact Fluorescent, Fluorescent and HID product lines offering solutions for residential and commercial applications. Key highlights of the new catalogs include expanded content with nearly 200 new products, user-friendly interface, educational resources, references and easy access to digital versions online.

Bulbrite’s new catalogs feature nearly 200 new products ranging from LED to designer Nostalgic lamps. Included in these catalogs are more than 70 products that were launched at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2016.

Both catalog designs present significant technical information in a user-friendly format. Icons throughout the catalog help users identify ENERGY STAR-qualified products, UL-rated products and many other performance ratings. It is also color coded by lighting technology, making it easier than ever to identify the particular lighting products you are looking for. Even for those new to lighting, application icons, features and benefits, large color images and equivalencies to older technologies are presented to help find the right light for the right application.

“At Bulbrite we have taken our catalogs to a higher level as our customers require quick and clear access to detailed information when searching for light source solutions,” says Cathy Choi, president. “In addition to powerful images and eye-catching graphics, both catalogs help educate about every bulb and lighting solution we offer, which in turn makes our customers well-informed and confident about their selections.”

Users can also utilize the various educational content areas for reference when trying to identify bulbs, troubleshoot issues or simply learn more about the regulations and legislations affecting different types of bulbs.

Additional highlights include:

  • User-friendly index page with bold, color coded lighting technologies to help navigate the catalog with ease.
  • Updated footnotes section with detailed technical product information.
  • Warranty information for those installing the products.

Bulbrite offers industry professionals a comprehensive compilation of product information. Each catalog is written with customers in mind and each is reflective of the energized Bulbrite brand.

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