California Faucets Mourns the Loss of Its Founder

The California Faucets family mourns the loss of its founder, Fred Silverstein.
The California Faucets family mourns the loss of its founder, Fred Silverstein.

The California Faucets family is mourning the loss of its founder, Fred Silverstein, while celebrating the indelible legacy he leaves behind. Silverstein, who passed away April 28, 2019, at the age of 86, created California Faucets in 1988 on three pillars; handcrafted quality, quick delivery, and superior service. Thirty-one years later, Fred’s guiding principles continue to define California Faucets as a manufacturer of decorative fittings, including faucets, shower fittings, and drains.

“My father was a born entrepreneur who was not afraid to take innovative risks, but his guiding principle was, ‘Do the right thing.’ He cared deeply not only for the company itself, but for all the people it touched—employees, customers, and suppliers,” says Jeff Sliverstein, California Faucets’ president & CEO. “His true greatness was simply the way he lived his life, how he treated people, and the priority he placed on his family.”

In 2017, the Decorative Plumbing Hardware Association inducted Silverstein into its Council of Fellows. A charter member of the organization, Silverstein’s contributions over the years included supporting annual scholarships, providing manpower behind the scenes, and encouraging employees and peers to become involved. The honor was reflective of the iconic founder’s dedication to the industry throughout his career.

Silverstein’s legacy will live on in the memories of his extended family at California Faucets, and most deeply in the hearts of his wife, Sonia; three children, Jeff Silverstein, Tina Silverstein, and Sue Cuthbert; as well as five grandchildren and a closeknit extended family. Much to Fred’s deep pride, all three of his children and a cousin now work at the Huntington Beach factory, where they lead the company into the future.

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