Call Elevators with Touchless Solutions

The Elevator and Escalator Division of Mitsubishi Electric US Inc. unveils PureRide Vertical Transportation Solutions. With touchless interfaces and an intuitive smartphone application, the PureRide suite of solutions helps customers improve the usability and convenience of elevators and escalators as society moves toward creating a more comfortable, resilient and user-friendly transportation environment.

The Elevator and Escalator Division of Mitsubishi Electric US Inc. unveils PureRide Vertical Transportation Solutions.

Evolving needs and challenges have changed the way people interact with offices, residences, hotels, malls and other facilities—and the way people move within these spaces is no exception. But even in the most uncertain times, vertical transportation remains essential for multi-story buildings—and Mitsubishi Electric has developed PureRide to help people feel more comfortable with elevators.

Included in PureRide Vertical Transportation Solutions is the PureRide Touchless Control System, a simple, no-touch display that allows users to call an elevator from the lobby and designate a destination floor in the car by simply placing their hand or finger over a sensor. The panels feature an LED “halo” that centralizes the sensor’s target and provides users feedback regarding their hand position. The halo illuminates to indicate to the passenger that the call has been registered.

The Touchless Control System panels are designed for easy installation with existing elevator systems—no disruption to existing wall finishes or additional conduits are required for the surface-mounted design options. Panels can also be installed utilizing a flush-mounted faceplate using a new or existing recessed box. Plus, they may be installed in conjunction with the building’s access control system, whether existing or newly installed.

The PureRide suite also includes the Touch Free Smartphone Elevator Call System*— a smartphone application that works with destination dispatch systems and buildings’ access control systems to allow passengers to summon a car from their phone while inside the building. The application displays both the assigned elevator as well as its current status. It also sends an alert to the passenger as the car approaches, resulting in less crowded waiting areas and improved rider comfort.

As customers’ needs change and evolve, Mitsubishi Electric continuously strives to find more innovative and effective solutions to meet those needs, which now include PureRide Vertical Transportation Solutions. Learn more about Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc., elevators and escalators at

*Available where allowed by local code authorities. Please consult your local Mitsubishi Electric branch office for more details.

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