CEE Announces Winners of Lighting for Tomorrow Awards

The CEE has announced 23 of its 2017 Lighting for Tomorrow Awards to industry professionals during the American Lighting Association (ALA) Conference in Vancouver, Canada. Making LFT history, New York-based WAC Lighting captured three first prize honors. CEE is a consortium of efficiency program administrators from the U.S. and Canada.

Lighting for Tomorrow is a competition that challenges manufacturers to develop lighting products that incorporate advances in both design and energy efficiency. By recognizing the products, Lighting for Tomorrow seeks to meet consumer expectations and leap over market barriers that inhibit the adoption and use of energy efficient lighting products.

“We thought we had the trifecta last year with the one win and the two honorable mentions. This year, I can’t believe we won first place three times,” explains WAC Lighting President Shelley Wald.

“We are humbled for being recognized by the members of the lighting and energy community for products that solve challenges across three key categories—track, under cabinet and down lighting,” continues Ms. Wald. “It motivates us to keep giving it our best.”

SILO 2020 LED Track/Rail Luminaire offers light output in a design with a range of beam adjustments and is engineered with a single source LED, optical and thermal management in a die-cast body. Judges state, “This is a single fixture that can do multiple things, providing versatility and value.”

The 2-inch OCULUX Adjustable LED Luminaire is designed to fit into tight plenum spaces that are under four inches and ideal for installation within interiors or exteriors.

DUO AC LED Light Bar provides an under cabinet lighting solution with a flick of the switch alternating between 2700K and 3000K color temperatures, depending on your lighting needs. Using a 98 percent efficient reflector, LED light from inside the housing is diffused inside the mixing chamber in order to create evenly distributed illumination. According to the Judges, the DUO AC Light Bar is a design that changes color at the flip of a switch.”

The 2017 judging panel met at the UL University facility in North Carolina and reviewed over 130 different products, including LED indoor fixtures, LED outdoor fixtures, LED retrofit kits, LED replacement lamps, OLEDs, lighting control devices, connected lighting products, and ceiling fan lights. The judges viewed products that demonstrated developments in form factor and construction while taking advantage of solid-state lighting technology.

Organized by the American Lighting Association (ALA), the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) and Underwriter Labs (UL), the 16th Annual Lighting for Tomorrow Competition was originally established to identify manufacturers with products that inspire customers and meet requirements of energy efficiency programs. Since 2002, the competition has recognized lighting products that are energy efficient and appeal to buyers. The Competition helps the industry advance by introducing designs while contributing to the energy efficiency movement among industry leaders and consumers alike.

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