Ceiling Systems and Partitions Provide Healthy Space Solutions

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions has introduced its Health Zone ceiling systems and Clean Room Grid systems, contributing to protection of staff and patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities, to all building owners who want occupants to be and feel safer indoors.

Infusions Resilient Partitions and Health Zone ceiling systems provide protection of staff and patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities.
Infusions Resilient Partitions and Health Zone ceiling systems provide protection of staff and patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Employers preparing for return to work will likely have two major concerns, protecting against workplace disease spread and helping employees feel safe. Airborne transmission of pathogens can pose a threat to people indoors, including tenants, employees, students and customers. Armstrong solutions are designed to contribute to cleaner, quieter and healthier spaces, all of which are important attributes to help building owners address post-COVID-19 safety concerns.

A survey shows that 60 percent of architects and designers are finding that most or all their building owner clients are discussing how to make their interiors safer and healthier because of the pandemic. The three most popular actions beyond enhanced cleaning are space layout or reconfiguration changes (85 percent), upgrades or changes to HVAC systems (64 percent) and the addition of walls or dividers (61 percent).

Indoor air flow is impacted by many variables, particularly in interior environments where air movement is affected by fans, diffusers, ceilings, walls and people. Architects and building owners looking to retrofit existing facilities or design new spaces can incorporate products being used today to help protect people from diseases in healthcare environments, for use in any indoor space.

Armstrong Health Zone ceilings with BioBlock Plus performance resist the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and odor on the ceiling tile surface. Health Zone ceilings are safe for use with CDC-recommended disinfectants and are also water repellent, washable, sustainable, and recyclable.

Health Zone panels also exceed Facility Guidelines Institute requirements for cleanability and acoustics in general healthcare spaces. They can be paired with gasketed Clean Room Suspension (grid) systems in areas where air pressure is used to redirect contaminated air away from occupants.

Infusions Translucent Partitions

Beyond the ceiling, Armstrong has also introduced a line of vertical partitions that provide a design-oriented approach to creating greater separation between people. The nonporous and cleanable translucent wall panels can transform existing shared spaces into protected and segmented zones. Placing physical barriers is among recommendations in the American Institute of Architects (AIA) “Reopening America: Strategies for Safer Buildings.” Called Infusions Resilient Partitions, these large format, standard 24- by 96-inch wall panels install with ease and can reconfigure existing layouts to meet social distancing guidelines. Unlike plain plexiglass sheets, they are designed in a variety of patterns and colors and can be hung from ceilings or walls.

Read more information about Health Zone ceiling systems, Clean Room Grid systems, Infusions Resilient Partitions, and Armstrong’s broader portfolio of solutions for changing spaces. Chat live or reach a U.S.-based Armstrong TechLine expert at (877) 276-7876, Option 2.

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