Central Concrete Offers EPDs for Concrete

Central Concrete Supply Inc., a U.S. Concrete Inc. company, and a manufacturer low CO2 concrete to the San Francisco Bay Area, now offers concrete EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations), having received external verification of the EPDs in accordance with ISO 14025 and ISO 21930.

Central Concrete has produced its EPDs at the individual product level. This is in contrast to EPDs that are developed for classes of products, an approach that diminishes the value of the EPD, because specific product performance characteristics are only matched to general environmental impacts within a category. Central’s approach, based on innovations developed by Climate Earth, a provider of systems, data and services for sustainable management, allowed the National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA), acting as Program Operator, to verify more than 1,400 of Central’s mix designs.

An EPD is a standardized (ISO 14025/TR) label designed to communicate the environmental impact of a product in a scientifically sound, streamlined and comparable format. EPDs include information on the environmental impact of the product, throughout its lifecycle. Often compared to a nutrition label, EPDs provide the facts and transparency needed to make informed decisions as they relate to such characteristics as global warming potential, ozone depletion and water use.

“We are pleased to be the first concrete supplier in the U.S. to publish externally verified EPDs,” said Jeff Davis, vice president and general manager of Central Concrete. “Owners and developers on the West Coast are demanding greener buildings. With C02 emissions of portland cement being a major contributor to the nation’s carbon footprint, we recognize the importance of making the environmental impact of our products both visible and comparable. Environmental measures are increasingly becoming key performance indicators, just as compressive strength of concrete is today.”

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