CG Visions and Hyphen Solutions Collaborate to Offer Integrated Information Exchange

Simpson Strong-Tie has announced a software collaboration between CG Visions, a Simpson Strong-Tie company, and Hyphen Solutions, a cloud-based construction management software company, to offer integrated information exchange between Hyphen BuildPro, SupplyPro and BRIX solutions and the cloud-based Pipeline platform from CG Visions for project estimation and management.

Acquired by Simpson Strong-Tie in January 2017, CG Visions is a provider of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, services, and consultation to the building industry. In addition to generating digital 3D renderings designed to help builders and their project partners visualize the details of the construction process, Pipeline also links plan designs to rules-based estimating algorithms for generating automated takeoffs.

“Communication on a building project is critical,” says David Bozell, CG Visions president. “With Pipeline, we are committed to helping builders and their clients visualize the intricacies and complexities of the buildings they are constructing. Platforms from Hyphen Solutions were built to address coordination challenges presented by these complex projects, and we anticipate the marriage between Pipeline estimating and the Hyphen project visibility to change how the industry conducts business digitally.”

As part of the collaboration, the Hyphen BuildPro and SupplyPro online scheduling and trade management tools are now integrated with CG Visions Pipeline solution to create fully detailed plan estimates from 2D and 3D estimation data. Support within Pipeline for both 2D estimation platforms (PlanSwift, eTakeoff, SquareTakeoff) and 3D BIM platforms (Revit, Vertex, Softplan) will allow customers to connect their Pipeline plan estimates to Hyphen solutions.

“Core to the Hyphen business has been the pursuit of realizing greater efficiencies for our customers,” says Hyphen Solutions CEO Felix Vasquez. “We believe this partnership will bring cost savings to builders by allowing their detailed takeoffs, designs and product specifications to flow through to our purchasing systems, such as BRIX, as well as to the field and suppliers through BuildPro and SupplyPro. We are taking the plans and ensuring the entire supply chain has visibility to them. Through this collaboration, our integrated technologies can support anticipated growth in building in 2018 and beyond.”

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