Chelsea Building Products Announces Partnership with Six Hood Distribution Locations

Chelsea Building Products has announced its partnerships with six new Hood Distribution branches all located in the southeastern U.S., including Kentucky (Louisville), Tennessee (La Vergne), Mississippi (Hattiesburg), Alabama (Birmingham), and Florida (Jacksonville and Orlando).

Hood Distribution is comprised of two entities, the McEwen and McQuesten groups. Each began in the mid to late 1800s and continue to supply building materials to contractors, manufacturers, and retailers throughout New England and the southeastern U.S. today.

The partnership is for the distribution of Everlast, a composite siding product that does not require painting, caulking, or frequent maintenance.

“Everlast’s light weight, easy installation, and ability to hold its color really stood out to us,” says Rodney Daily, branch manager of Hood Distribution, Louisville, Ky. “We feel there will be a strong demand for Everlast and anticipate a good response from our customers.”

Everlast is offered in two reveal sizes, 6-7/8-inches and 4-1/2-inches. The majority of the new partnership locations will stock the Everlast 6-7/8-inches plank in seven different color options, with additional colors available upon request.

“Everlast is a very unique product that I anticipate will eventually overtake fiber cement in the marketplace,” says Paul Haanschoten, branch manager of Hood Distribution, Birmingham, Ala.

Naturally water resistant, Everlast contains no wood fibers which can lead to warping and cracking and contains no organic material that can rot or be attacked by wood-boring insects. It offers wind, hail, and impact resistance with little expansion and contraction, making it ideal for any climate.

“It’s an exceptional product line and we’re seeing Everlast specified for more and more jobs every day,” says Adam Hoffman, branch manager of Hood Distribution, Orlando, Fla. “We have a great partnership with Chelsea Building Products and are happy to be a part of the team distributing Everlast throughout the country.”

Chelsea Building Products now has partnerships with 12 different Hood locations throughout the eastern half of the U.S.

All new Hood partners began carrying and distributing Everlast in the first half of 2019.

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