CINTEC Celebrates 25 Years Of Providing Structural Masonry Systems

CINTEC North America announces its 25th anniversary. Since it began, CINTEC has grown to be a global company, providing structural masonry systems and services through locations in the UK, Canada, America, Australia, and India.

As a representation of their accomplishments, CINTEC received the 2016 Construction and Engineering Award for Innovation in Engineering, Research and Development. “CINTEC is proud to receive this award and will ensure our production and service remains worthy of this high standard,” says Robert Lloyd-Rees, COO of CINTEC North America. “We are excited to begin our 25th year supplying anchoring and strengthening systems.”

Starting when Robert Lloyd-Rees visited America in 1990, CINTEC has made it a point to expand their service to North America. In 1992, Robert was appointed the COO of CINTEC and has been running corporate offices ever since.
CINTEC’s independent but collaborative engineering, design and consulting companies form a global presence together with partnerships and agents throughout the world. Its product range includes divisions such as Archtec and Blastec that offer clients turn-key engineering service packages, including design, engineering, and installation contracting.

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