Classic Yet Contemporary Seating Designs

BuzziNordic seriesBuzziNordic seating series

BuzziNordic series

BuzziNordic seating series

BuzziSpace, known for its original product solutions for the collaborative workspace, expands with seating designs that are classic yet contemporary and suitable for a range of lounging or occasional seating options.

The BuzziNordic series, designed by Stäffan Thomasen, includes three designs: a chair (one seat), settee (two seats) and sofa (three seats). Each piece has all the sleek, authentic qualities of Scandinavian design, which complement BuzziSpace’s existing range of contract-grade furnishings that balance the acoustic and visual needs of today’s open floor plan offices.

The Nordic seating series is BuzziSpace’s first U.S.-produced product. The chair, settee, and sofa’s wooden frames are manufactured in the U.S., and can be ordered in Ash or U.S.-harvested American Walnut.

The Nordic seating series will be available in more than 80 different colors with textile choices including BuzziFabric, BuzziRough, BuzziTartan, BuzziTerra and the newly released BuzziLeather.

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