Coatings Provide New Era in Solar Control Glass

Arcon's sunbelt A70, A60, A50 and A40 coatings for solar control glassArcon's sunbelt A70, A60, A50 and A40 coatings for solar control glass

Arcon's sunbelt A70, A60, A50 and A40 coatings for solar control glass

Arcon’s sunbelt A70, A60, A50 and A40 coatings for solar control glass

Glass manufacturer arcon heralds a new era in solar control glass, with its sunbelt A70, A60, A50 and A40 coatings. From now on, these four coatings are all you need to cover an entire building’s solar control glazing requirements.

Thanks to this greatly simplified range, processors, architects, designers and facade constructors can now select the right glass for their needs, faster and more directly than ever before. All sunbelt products are available in sheet and cut-size qualities, and if required, the coated glass can also be tempered. This greatly simplifies processing, saves times, and increases availability. The optical variations that used to occur in glass types with different solar control coatings and which were unavoidable throughout the industry are now a thing of the past. All coatings are colourless and optically coordinated, resulting in a level of flexibility that was previously unheard of.

Glass is now graded into 70, 60, 50 or 40 models in accordance with the light transmittance of the coating. For example, sunbelt A70 is suitable for glazing on the north-facing side of a building. Its enormously high light transmittance of 70 percent allows a high degree of sunlight into the interior. The sunbelt A40 model, on the other hand, has a light transmittance of only 43 percent, which benefits large-area glazed surfaces on south-facing sides. With g-values between 22 and 37 percent, all four new sunbelt products guarantee pleasantly cool interior conditions, even on sunny days, and there is no need to install any additional sunshading facilities or energy-intensive air-conditioning. The Ug value is 1.0 W/m2K. Only an extremely small amount of heating energy is required in winter, because hardly any heat is lost through arcon glass. The low indoor reflectance enables a wonderfully clear view through the window.

By employing the latest in production and coating technology, all production flows can be performed on the premises in Feuchtwangen. This includes processing the base glass into single-pane and laminated safety glass, with the attendant machining, serigraphy, enamelling and coating. This means it is no longer necessary to transport raw components over long distances, and fast, optimised manufacture and delivery of the finished product is now possible within only a few days. This is also facilitated by shorter changeover times.

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