Code-compliant Grid System for Ceilings

CertainTeed Ceilings' Drywall GridCertainTeed Ceilings' Drywall Grid

CertainTeed Ceilings' Drywall Grid

CertainTeed Ceilings’ Drywall Grid

CertainTeed Ceilings is making it easier for building professionals to specify all their ceilings and grid needs from a single source with the addition of Drywall Grid. The new, code-compliant grid system complements the company’s line of high-performance gypsum board, establishing a single, reputable source for fire-rated drywall and non-fire-rated drywall ceiling solutions.

Drywall Grid is a heavy-duty, double-web T-bar profile suspension system that is used in place of traditional framing or furring to install drywall ceilings, reducing installation time and saving labor and material costs. It features a 1-1/2-inch flange width that is knurled to make screw installation easier. Also, there is no capping on the grid; instead the web is rotary stitched to increase torsional strength and stability. Drywall Grid is fire-rated and offers solutions for framing both Type F and Type G light fixtures.

In addition to Drywall Grid, CertainTeed Ceilings is adding an enhanced Classic Hook Suspension System, which features a redesigned cross tee connection that makes it faster and easier to install. The company is also introducing a new 9/16-inch Elite Stab Heavy-Duty Grid System that has been approved for use in severe seismic areas. The new offerings join new SeismicSecure and FireSecure code-compliant grid systems, streamlining installation and ensuring compliance in various types of projects.

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