Command Alkon Partners with Concrete Industry Management Program to Combat Skilled Labor Shortage

Command Alkon has partnered with the School of Concrete and Construction Management at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) to combat an issue that has been plaguing the industry for some time; the skilled labor shortage. The Graduate Development Program at Command Alkon provides the opportunity for graduates of the school to gain real-world industry experience, rendering a workforce that is qualified to fill in the gaps caused by the labor shortage.

Currently, thousands of construction jobs are added each month. Construction recruiting has been burdened by the fact that relatively few colleges and universities offer construction skills or counsel students to consider construction careers.

The School of Concrete and Construction Management at MTSU offers a Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Program designed to combat the anticipated shortage of managers needed to support the expected growth of the concrete industry. Command Alkon has fostered a relationship with the CIM Program over the years and has developed a program designed to arm students with the experience that they need to be successful.

“A lot of the time, we look to hire individuals with experience in the industry – but, that might be a little difficult to find in a student who just graduated,” says Michael Wolfe, people business manager at Command Alkon. “The whole point of this program is to provide an opportunity for these students to gain the experience that they need. Each department in the company has made the commitment that we are all going to contribute to the student’s success in some way.”

This is the first year that this 24-month program has been put into effect. For the first 18 months, students rotate between different departments to get a flavor for the contributions that each team makes to the company and the industry as a whole. The student will ultimately choose an area of the company where they feel they can thrive for the last 6 months of the program.

“What I’ve noticed since I’ve been here is a very positive environment,” says Taylor Northern, who is a student in the Graduate Development Program. “This is a great opportunity because I get the chance to continuously learn and work with various departments and technology systems to determine where I would excel in the industry.”

For more information regarding the Graduate Development Program, please contact Michael Wolfe at [email protected].

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