Commercial Tabletops Made from Dockside Discards

Viridian Reclaimed Wood's commercial tabletopsViridian Reclaimed Wood's commercial tabletops

Viridian Reclaimed Wood's commercial tabletops

Viridian Reclaimed Wood’s commercial tabletops

Viridian Reclaimed Wood has introduced a new range of tabletops. Cut to standard dimensions at Viridian’s own Portland fabrication facility, the company is introducing tabletops in its flagship Jakarta Market Blend (indoor and outdoor versions), Doug-fir beam, gym bleacher and white oak.

With total control over the tabletop fabrication, Viridian Reclaimed Wood can ensure the highest quality for commercial customers. In addition, its facility is close to its warehouse, which makes for shorter lead times and quicker turnaround.

Viridian’s tabletop line is offered in standard desk and restaurant sizes and rounds. Custom sizes are available special-order.

Viridian tabletops can contribute points toward the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Credits: MRc3: (Materials Reuse), MRc4 (Recycled Content), MRc5 (Regional Materials) and MRc7 (Certified Wood).

Viridian Reclaimed Wood manufactures flooring, architectural panels, table/countertops, paneling, decking and beams. The company is headquartered in Portland, Ore., and was founded with the purpose of upcycling dockside discards (shipping crates, pallets, scrap lumber) into useful reclaimed interior and exterior architectural products.

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