Composite Decking Product is Code Approved for Use as Cladding

Expanding on the various applications for its premium composite decking beyond a deck, Envision Building Products has announced that its Distinction, Inspiration, and Expression collections are now code approved for use as cladding.

 “There is a rising demand for durable and aesthetic cladding options in both residential and commercial projects,” says Shara Gamble, sales and marketing director for Envision. “Our products are appealing to architects and designers as an option to meet that demand because of their unique beauty and low maintenance nature.”

Projects benefit from the warmth and charm of natural hardwoods and the performance of composite lumber – namely the low maintenance costs.

Envision’s products feature non-repeating grains and distinct colors throughout each board, offering a unique appearance. With 11 color options – ranging from highly variegated with bold highlights to softly blended tones or solid colors – the Envision square edge boards are cladding-approved and available in 12-, 16-, and 20-foot lengths.

“This is also a great opportunity to effectively drive growth with our customers,” adds Gamble. “Dealers and distributors are typically SKU-conscious and now gain an entirely new product category while efficiently managing their inventory levels.”

Crafted using Envision’s proprietary Compress Technology, the boards’ high-density cap and EverGrain Core are physically bonded together with heat and pressure to squeeze out air pockets and create the deep grain Envision decking is known for.

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