Controlling Humidity Pays Off

Vary believed this technology was the answer to the store’s problem. After the liquid desiccant system was installed, Vary immediately noticed the cases and rack systems were no longer trying to compensate for hot humid air and were running more efficiently. “I saw a reduction in my electric bill immediately,” she says. Bel Garden Bi Rite Supermarket is now able to extend the shelf life of its products and restock cases in a more profitable manner.

“Any store that has any type of refrigeration needs—if it’s medium temp or low temp—will certainly benefit by the lower humidity situation that this system can produce,” Vary explains. “Consequently, we realized savings to our bottom line from the reduced electricity use and product waste in our cases and walk-in boxes. We see and feel the effect of the lack of humidity that this system produces.”

The Bottom Line

The liquid desiccant system reduced Bel Garden Bi Rite Supermarket’s HVAC energy consumption by approximately 30 percent. The store has been able to drop its humidity levels from 65 percent pre-installation to between 30 to 40 percent on average. In addition, the humidity reduction provided a more comfortable environment, allowing Vary to raise her temperature set point by 5 degrees F.

Bel Garden was able to install this system with a one-and-a-half-year payback on the upfront equipment investment. Additionally, the store took advantage of a local energy-reduction incentive program, which defrayed a large portion of the expenses.

By finding a solution to improve the bottom line, Bel Garden Bi Rite Supermarket has been able to avoid passing along high energy costs to customers. The store also has created a more comfortable environment for its employees and customers.

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Watch a video and learn more about how the liquid desiccant system works at Intelligent Power and Air Solutions’ website.

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Peggy J. Elkind, MBA, is vice president of business development for Intelligent Power and Air Solutions Inc. She works with clients to achieve sustainability goals and increase productivity through holistic building solutions that achieve reduced energy consumption and improved air quality.

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