Coordinated Collection Is Driven by Hospitality Design Trends

The Hospitality Collection emphasizes wood designs with pops of color and graphics.

The Hospitality Collection emphasizes wood designs with pops of color and graphics.

Design and aesthetics shape and define a brand, especially in the hospitality industry. Consumers prefer and seek accommodations that fit their lifestyle, paying attention to the look and feel of a hotel space when booking. Research conducted by Wilsonart’s design team uncovered four key movements driving hospitality design trends and led to the development of the Hospitality Collection. Comprising 45 coordinated surface options, the curated collection focuses on neutrals, emphasizing wood designs with pops of color and graphics, and offering designers opportunities to create engaging spaces. These products contribute to a home-like experience while providing durability and maintenance ease to fixtures and furnishings.

In the “Trend Report for the Hospitality Industry,” by Wilsonart, four key movements drive hospitality design, experience; sharing economy; curation-customization; and hospitality and retail hybrid. These movements and their elements inspired the Wilsonart Hospitality Collection which features:

  • Woodgrains: Wood finishes help establish the warmth and comfort of a built space. The hospitality portfolio includes 20 Wilsonart Laminate woodgrain designs that bring the outdoors in.
  • Abstracts and Geometrics: Monochromatic abstract and geometric laminate designs can stand alone or complement the woodgrain patterns. The Collection includes 10 Wilsonart Virtual Design Library offerings.
  • Colors and Textures: Co-living and peer-shared spaces are driving design opportunities, as well as using customization and curation to capture the atmosphere and culture of the given location. The result is spaces with graphics, colors and textures. The Collection includes nine Wilsonart Quartz and six Wilsonart Solid Surface designs to help designers achieve these design demands with the touch of stone.

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