Cunningham Cos. Represents Chicago Faucets in Portions of Texas and Oklahoma

Chicago Faucets has announced the hiring of Hugh M. Cunningham Cos. Cunningham Cos. is representing Chicago Faucets in north, central and southern Texas and Oklahoma.

“Hugh M. Cunningham Cos., headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, has represented manufacturers in the plumbing industry for over seventy years. The only focus of this agency is the marketing and selling of building products to the construction trade,” says Phil Boggs, senior vice-president of sales for Chicago Faucets. “Adding Chicago Faucets to that focus is going to help us support and drive sales to the facilities in that territory.”

“Our team is happy to be representing Chicago Faucets. We know its reputation will open doors for our plumbing and mechanical group in all markets including engineering and contracting,” says Jim Ambery, president of Hugh M. Cunningham Cos. “The collaboration, we are certain, will be a benefit to both companies.”

Hugh M. Cunningham Cos., which has offices throughout the south central U.S., represents a full spectrum of commercial building products.

The Chicago Faucet Co. is part of the Geberit Group, a provider of sanitary technology. Since 1901, The Chicago Faucet Co., located in Des Plaines, Ill., has offered commercial and residential products built to stand the test of time. A combination of engineering, materials and workmanship has made Chicago Faucets the choice in many building projects throughout North America.

The Geberit Group is a provider in the area of plumbing technology with sales of CHF 2.9 billion and more than 12,000 employees in 49 countries worldwide.

For additional information, contact the Chicago Faucet Co. at 2100 South Clearwater Drive, Des Plaines, Ill., 60018, or call (800) 566-2100. You can also visit Chicago Faucets online.

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