Cylinder and Accent Lights Can Be Mounted in Various Ways

Designed to provide at once refined and powerful solutions for a variety of applications, ranging from high-end residential to hospitality, retail or commercial offices, the ID+ 2-inch Cylinder and ID+ 2.5-inch Adjustable Accent represent, respectively, a brand-new family of cylinders and an extension to the downlights’ lineup from Focal Point. In addition, a decorative canopy, available in a shallow or power version, offers additional mounting options in open ceilings for the entire collection of ID+ Cylinders. 

The ID+ 2.5-inch Adjustable Accent makes products shine in this retail environment. 

 ID+ 2-inch Cylinder and Wall Wash 
Compact, refined, and capable, the ID+ 2-inch Cylinder and Wall Wash has a lot to offer for ambient, wall wash, task, and accent lighting applications. With lumen outputs from 500 to 1700 lumens, beam spreads from 20-degree Narrow Flood to 90-degree Very Wide Flood and Wall Wash, standard white color temperatures from 2700K to 4000K at 80+, 90+ or 97+ CRI, and two warm dim ranges at 90 CRI, it delivers the light output and light quality that will delight both lighting professionals and building occupants. 

From a luminaire design standpoint, its simple housing showcases sophisticated details such as a glowing or non-glowing reveal, knife edge, and warm diffuse or clear diffuse reflector. The multiple mounting options: surface, cord, fixed stem and 50-degree swivel stem add to its versatility in multiple ceiling conditions – finished or unfinished, flat or sloped. The wall wash features a precise and user-friendly aiming mechanism, making installation a breeze.

It joins the popular ID+ 3.5-inch and 4.5-inch Cylinders, broadening the cohesive family of luminaires with an on-trend, small form factor.   

Enhancing the versatility of the ID+ Cylinders family are the new decorative shallow and power canopies, designed to elegantly conceal junction boxes and provide easy access to conduit connections. They support the growing number of open-ceiling applications in modern and industrial interiors with a clean look and easy installation for suspended or surface mount cylinders. 

ID+ 2.5-inch Adjustable Accent 
Companion to the ID+ 2.5-inch Downlight and Wall Wash, the new Adjustable Accent delivers a whooping CBCP up to 12,000 candelas for the spot optic with no lens and light outputs of 500 to 1500 lumens. With tool-less adjustability of 0- to 35-degree tilt and 362-degree rotation, it is the perfect solution for precise accenting applications. Color temperatures from 2700K to 4000K at 80+, 90+ or 97+ CRI, as well as two warm dim ranges, all available with nine beam spreads, from Spot (19 degrees) to Very Wide Flood (75 degrees) and two linear spreads, add to its versatility. The Spot optics with no lens are offered with shrouds that ensure an optimal appearance, light on or off, while all other beam distributions are offered with a Solite lens.  

The initial offerings of the ID+ 2.5-inch Family were thoughtfully designed with high-quality optics and a mighty set of options, and the new Adjustable Accent is no different. To help create a cohesive environment, the ID+ 2.5-inch luminaires are available in round or square with white, black, clear diffuse or warm-diffuse die-cast trim options. Trimless reflectors are also available for mud-in drywall or wood-ceiling applications. 

????These numerous additions to the ID+ Family encompass a set of features to please specifiers, contractors, and building occupants alike.

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