Daikin Applied Receives Recognition for Manufacturing Leadership

Daikin Applied Americas has been recognized as a Manufacturing Leadership Award winner by Frost & Sullivan for achievement with its Variable Volume Ratio (VVR) technology.

As HVAC technologies evolve to better deliver higher efficiencies in building performance, lower cost, and less energy yielding a smaller carbon footprint, one problem has long challenged engineers: HVAC systems are often pressed to meet a building’s occupancy demands for varying conditions. Daikin solved this challenge with the design and implementation of Variable Volume Ratio (VVR) technology in the Pathfinder air-cooled chiller.

With VVR technology, the HVAC chiller’s compressor senses the amount of lift needed in any given moment, and adjusts the compression ratio automatically. The result is that the compressor works only as hard as it needs to; and customers don’t pay for over-compression which is likely occurring 95 percent of the time. VVR technology delivers efficiency at any operating condition.

“VVR technology allows Daikin to offer our customers flexibility and efficiency.” says Rob Landes, chiller product manager, “Each individual customer’s needs are different and equally important; with VVR we can address each need in a reliable way.”

The Manufacturing Leadership Awards, now in their 13th year, honor companies and individual leaders that are influencing the future of global manufacturing. Manufacturing leaders have demonstrated achievement in a range of categories engaging in projects to distinguish themselves from competition. Winners are chosen by a panel of judges for results that have delivered value, return on investment, and other outcomes.

Daikin Applied will be recognized at the 13th Annual Manufacturing Leadership Awards Gala, which is to be held on the last day of the Manufacturing Leadership Summit, June 12-14, 2017, at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa in Huntington Beach, Calif.

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