Device Makes Recycling an Interactive and Rewarding Experience

Is there anything more satisfying than the clink of a bottle or can making its way into a recycling bin? In an effort to help organizations increase recycling rates and reach their sustainability goals, international recycler TerraCycle created ReZound, an easy-to-use device that attaches to recycling bins and encourages recycling through positive audible feedback.

ReZound is equipped with prerecorded sound packs, an AC charger, two sensors, a microSD card and reader mounting adhesives.

The device can be installed in nearly any recycling bin and comes preloaded with 20 recycling-themed sound clips. Every time a recyclable is placed in the bin, ReZound will play music, a fun sound effect, or encouraging words to make recycling an interactive and rewarding experience.

Here’s how ReZound works:

  • Install: Attach the ReZound device to the desired recycling bin.
  • Recycle: Place a recyclable, like a bottle or can, into the recycling bin to trigger the device’s sensors.
  • Reward: ReZound provides the user with a positive audible affirmation for doing his/her part to recycle.

With a weather and tamper-resistant design and the option for a solar-powered charging function, ReZound devices are functional anywhere, allowing recycling bins to be placed outdoors with little maintenance or supervision required. ReZound can also be customized with sounds to bring excitement to recycling in a variety of public locations including:

  • Offices
  • Stadiums
  • Parks and recreational centers
  • Schools and college campuses
  • Music venues and event centers
  • Theme parks and zoos

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