Divider Screens Enhance Public Safety

As the world begins to return to shared and public spaces, art and architectural fabricator Eventscape has introduced a line of privacy and divider screens to reduce airflow and enhance public safety. The collection, introduced through Eventscape’s brand Leef, includes mobile nesting screens, desk dividers, stands, and reception screens. Leef was first introduced twenty years ago with a focus on designing and fabricating separation and enclosure products for the contract market. Recognizing that products like these are needed more now than ever before, Eventscape has re-launched the brand with this new collection. Meeting the requirements for public safety, these screens and dividers are ideal for corporate offices, airports, fast food chains, hotels and more.

The Iris is a freestanding divider screen featuring a single wheel alongside an angled leg, providing stability in a fixed position.
The Iris is a freestanding divider screen featuring a single wheel alongside an angled leg, providing stability in a fixed position.

Highlights of the collection include:

The Trillium Mobile Nesting Screens
The Trillium mobile nesting screens move and reposition with ease, featuring locking swivel casters as well as magnets positioned along the sides to connect multiple screens in various configurations. They offer a solution for a broad range of applications in hospitals, reception areas, office environments, cafeterias and other shared spaces.

The Iris Freestanding Divider Screens
With a sail-like shape, the Iris freestanding divider screen features a single wheel, which makes it easy to move, alongside an angled leg, providing stability in a fixed position.  The Iris is ideal for use in reception areas, office environments and cafeterias.

The Aster Desktop Divider Screen
The modular design of the Aster desktop divider screen is a solution for shared workspaces. It can be custom-sized to fit any desk or workstation configuration, reducing the airflow between team members and enhancing a safer work environment. 

Each of these screens offers a protective physical divider in a range of custom colors and sizes. They all feature a solid non-porous surface that’s both easy to clean and greenguard certified for microbial resistance, and are also available in anti-microbial fabrics or acrylic options. They provide architects, interior designers and facility and office managers with separation solutions for both guests and staff. Leef by Eventscape offers an array of custom solutions for each product to meet various aesthetic and brand needs.

The Leef Solid Surface collection is an iteration of Eventscape’s dedicated work to offer supplies that keep people safe throughout the ongoing health crisis. At the outbreak of the pandemic, its team of engineers, craftsmen, designers and fabricators came together to produce much-needed protective equipment for healthcare facilities and essential businesses, including face shield distribution kits; a box that stores all required components for 100 face shields which can be self-assembled in under a minute. Eventscape has donated over $50,000 worth of face shield distribution kits in Canada and the U.S across different sectors of industries. The company has also partnered with local businesses and organizations in Toronto to provide meals for frontline healthcare workers.

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