Donation from Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. Assists Homeless Families

Homeless families in Rochester, N.Y., will get additional relief this season, thanks to a donation from Friedrich Air Conditioning Co.
Friedrich has partnered with its local Rochester distributor, Johnstone Supply, to provide Friedrich ChillÒ room air conditioning units for 11 homes owned and managed by Tempro, a Rochester-based nonprofit organization that builds housing for homeless families. Tempro homes are leased by Monroe County and the county’s Department of Social Services places families in need in the homes. Tempro provides the furnished homes with the aid of a social worker to help these families through the transition of homelessness to more permanent housing.
Tempro provides temporary housing assistance to approximately 140 homeless families and without support from Friedrich, the organization would not have been able to afford to cool the homes and ensure the comfort of those it serves during the hot weather season.
“For homeless families working to get back on their feet, finding safe, temporary housing is challenging and stressful enough without also enduring the hot weather season with no relief,” says Tempro President Jerry Zakalik. “That’s why we are grateful for this generous donation and service to our community.”
Already, contractors have installed one of the Friedrich Chill units in the first Tempro home, and the remaining 10 will be installed in the other residences in the coming weeks. In addition to the value of providing all the product, delivery and support at no cost, Friedrich’s Chill units also are ENERGY STAR-qualified, which will help save money on energy and long-term operational costs.  Other benefits of the Friedrich Chill line include quiet operation and environmentally sustainable features, such as R32 refrigerant with low Global Warming Potential.
As a father from one of the families living in a home where a new Chill unit was installed said, “It means so much to us to have a place to stay while we go through this challenge. To know someone really cares and is even installing air conditioners is just awesome.”
Friedrich has a track record of giving back to local communities and causes, and the donation to Tempro marks the second major donation the company has made this season. Friedrich also donated and installed a ductless split air conditioning system in an orphanage near Piedra Negras, Coahuila, Mexico, where without cooling, indoor temperatures can spike up to 120 degrees.
“We’re proud to serve the community in this way and know that our products are providing relief for those in need,” says Wink Chapman, vice president of sales and marketing for Friedrich.  “It’s also fantastic to be able work with partners, like our Johnstone Supply distributor in the Rochester area, who share our commitment to support local communities.”

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