dormakaba Expands Its Simplex Lock Certified Installer Program

Locksmiths and access control experts can increase their knowledge and skills, reduce call backs associated with improper installation, and increase customer satisfaction by enrolling in dormakaba’s Simplex Certified Installer Program.

With the increased demand for stand-alone locking solutions, dormakaba is offering installers $3,500 in product upon course completion in 2020. Installers will also gain exposure with a listing on the dormakaba website as a Simplex Certified Installer.

Simplex Mechanical Push Button Locks set the standard in stand-alone, keyless entry nearly 60 years ago. The expanded certification program can help installers better respond to an increasing demand for stand-alone locking solutions. Certification credentials will be provided by Certified Forensic Locksmith and dormakaba Learning Leader, Rick Shuford, CRL, CFL, CAI.

Course Overview

  • Mechanical features of Simplex Series locks
  • How to identify all component parts and models
  • How to reach an unknown code by viewing code gears
  • How to effectively assemble and service the Simplex 1000 and 5000 series
  • Troubleshooting tips and tricks
  • Proper application of all models

Simplex mechanical pushbutton locks are an ideal solution for controlling access between public and private areas while allowing free egress. This type of lock works well for access points such as front/back doors, restrooms, labs, office doors, storage rooms, and common doors. Simplex locks supplement other security access systems or operate as stand-alone security solutions. They provide an option for multiple markets and applications.

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