Dow Performance Silicones Introduces DOWSIL Product Brand Name

Dow Performance Silicones has announced the rollout of a product brand name, DOWSIL, for its heritage Dow Corning silicone-based building products. The DOWSIL product brand name represents the combined power of Dow and Dow Corning and emphasizes global expertise in silicone technologies across dozens of industries.

Dow Corning revolutionized the way architects and fabricators design commercial facades, with more than 50 years of proven performance in Silicone Structural Glazing (SSG) and Weatherproofing Sealants (WP). Customers can continue to rely on the same trusted silicone chemistries, features and product benefits for their designs under the DOWSIL name.

“As we transition to the DOWSIL brand name, which blends the collective experience of long-standing organizations, our performance stands and our commitment remains,” says Jean Paul Hautekeer, global strategic market director – High Performance Building, Dow Performance Silicones. “We value our customers’ business and look forward to ensuring a smooth brand transition for architect, fabricator and building developer partners who have relied on the design freedom of Dow Corning solutions for more than five decades.”

Through a phased implementation over the next year, Dow Corning branded silicone products for building and construction will move to the DOWSIL name. Product descriptors that are part of the product names today will remain the same. Products will be sold by Dow moving forward.

Customers can also expect a simplified online search and buying experience, driven by a new website that will replace the current platform.

In the interim during the transition, an integration information center is available to customers at The center provides regular updates, integration activity materials, FAQs, as well as a tool to generate a chemical equivalency certificate for specific products.

For up-to-date integration details and information please visit the website. To learn more about Dow silicone building solutions, visit the Dow site.

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