Dryvit Systems President and CEO Has Been Elected President of EIMA

Dryvit Systems Inc., a manufacturer of exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) in North America, announced that its president and CEO Mike Murphy has been elected president of the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA).

Founded in 1981, EIMA is a national non-profit technical trade association comprised of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and applicators involved in the EIFS industry.

Murphy will serve in his new role for a two-year term that began earlier this month. “Mike Murphy’s election as president of EIMA was an excellent decision by EIMA’s Board,” states Dave Johnston, EIMA’s executive director. “I look forward to working with Mike as he leads EIMA and the EIMA board in continuing to grow the EIFS industry,” says Johnston.

In addition to electing Murphy as its president, EIMA elected a full slate of officers that will serve with Murphy in leading the EIMA Board of Directors during the next two years.

EIMA is committed to advancement and growth of the demand for EIFS by accomplishing objectives which either cannot be achieved by individual members, or those which are more efficiently carried out collectively. Specifically, EIMA supports the industry by developing consensus technical, training, installation and design standards for use by architects, designers, code bodies and officials, and other technical associations. EIMA also monitors and positively influences government actions and works to assure the long-term availability of qualified contractors.

“EIMA has done an excellent job helping our industry address challenges and seize opportunity,” says Murphy. “I’m honored to have been elected president and look forward to working with my fellow officers from across our industry to help advance our important mission.”

Murphy said his election as president of EIMA is a reflection of the important role Dryvit plays in the EIFS industry, a contribution he called a well-deserved source of pride for Dryvit’s employees and distributors.

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