Ductless HVAC System Only Heats and Cools Areas that Require Conditioning

Trane Advantage VRF variable refrigerant systemsTrane Advantage VRF variable refrigerant systems

Trane Advantage VRF variable refrigerant systems

Trane Advantage VRF variable refrigerant systems

Trane Advantage VRF variable refrigerant systems, featuring variable-speed compressor technology, offer customizable solutions for improved temperature control and occupant comfort in a ductless, energy-efficient package that reduces operating expenses.

The new systems from Trane, a provider of indoor comfort systems and services and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, adopt “smart inverter” compressors and feature an upgraded vapor injection system, providing improved performance over previous versions.

Using refrigerant to move energy around the building is far more efficient than other conventional heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Variable-speed compressor technology precisely matches energy use to the demands of the building and only heats and cools the areas that require it.

The systems are highly scalable and can supplement other heating and cooling solutions for difficult climate control areas.

The systems are suited for use as a standalone or additional system in historic buildings, multi-tenant buildings, diversely occupied buildings, tenant-finished commercial properties and other area-containing buildings such as luxury suites, ticket offices and administrative rooms, where full control over temperatures can provide additional comfort and value.

The external and internal units themselves are compact and come in a variety of options, from 3- to 36-ton outdoor units which require no equipment room to 1/2- to 7 1/2-ton indoor units, which can be concealed above ceilings or installed in the desired space.

Because the systems are ductless, less installation space is needed and climate control solutions are available in entire buildings or areas within that don’t allow room for ductwork.

The systems offer simultaneous heating and cooling, transferring energy within a building to provide cooling to one area while providing heating to another area of the same building. This feature creates a solution for buildings with multiple zones that naturally heat up and cool down in varying patterns.

Trane Advantage VRF systems provide multiple options for unit configuration and control that make spaces more attractive to tenants, including zone-level control of individual indoor units and centralized-level controls for control of up to 256 total indoor units in up to 16 groups. Building-level controls can manage an entire structure’s multiple-VRF systems on-site or via BACnet® connectivity, or remote internet access.

Individual zone control gives occupants and building managers more flexibility and efficiency in their use of energy. The ability to track individual unit energy use allows owners to bill tenants based on energy use and indicate areas that might need repair or would benefit from energy efficiency improvements.


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