Earn CEU Credits at Acoustics Seminar

Ecore is offering an acoustics seminar course for CEU credits. The seminar will be led by Mike Raley, an Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE) board-certified acoustic engineer for Ecore. 

The session is titled “Flooring Design With Acoustics in Mind” and will be offered every Thursday at 1 p.m. EST through May 14. This Interior Design Continuing Education Council certified program is sponsored by Ecore and will be presented by Raley. His INCE-USA board certification is the highest level of certification acoustical engineers in the U.S. can receive, and there are currently less than 200 people with this distinction.  

“This CEU course is intended to educate attendees on the value and benefits of specifying the appropriate flooring in healthcare, education, multifamily, fitness and hospitality applications,” says Raley. “Understanding the importance of good acoustics and sound basics, is beneficial to all architects and designers.” 

At the end of the Flooring Design with Acoustics in Mind presentation, attendees will be able to: 

  • Address the acoustic challenges that have come about with the specification of hard surfaces 
  • Identify what designers and architects need to know when specifying flooring that provides an acoustic solution and learn how to define important terms and acoustic ratings 
  • Examine specific problems in creating good acoustics for healthcare applications 
  • Compare products and technology available to create acoustic solutions that meet demand for style and design versatility as well as other important performance criteria, such as safety, ergonomics, hygiene and sustainability 

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Please contact your Ecore Sales Representative with any questions about the acoustics seminar. 

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