Easily Cut into Metal Roofing, Ductwork

The Metal PeckerThe Metal Pecker

The Metal Pecker

The Metal Pecker

Cutting penetrations in profiled metal roof and duct can be one of the most challenging tasks for installers. It’s also dangerous back-breaking work and the less time you spend on a roof in hazardous conditions, the better. Every day, millions of penetrations are cut in-situ to allow for the installation of vent pipes, skylights, air-registers and so forth—a task that can’t be commenced until the roof sheet or duct is in place.

Invariably installers use a variety of tools for these tasks but none have ever been specifically designed to overcome the problems of chewing through under-folds, seams, overlaps or up and down the profile. This is not the place for hand snips and battery-powered tools, which find the going tough with this type of work. Corded angle grinders create OHS issues and can badly damage the metal itself.

This is where the Metal Pecker comes into its own. It literally cuts metal penetrations in a flash.

Designed and developed by a plumber from Down Under, the Metal Pecker is a precision tool that resembles a bolt cutter with its full-length handles but the key to its cutting prowess is the unique patented slot-shear design of its cutting head.

The cutter blade shears the metal between the anvils and pushes out a 1.7- by 0.24-inch metal slug with each cutting stroke. It leaves no swarf to rust and there is no sharp blade face to blunt.


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