Eaton and NuLEDs Inc. Collaborate to Design LED Lighting Solutions

Eaton announces a collaboration with NuLEDs Inc. aimed at making buildings smarter and securely connected. The two companies will go to market with a joint product offering including Eaton’s portfolio of PoE-enabled light-emitting diode (LED) luminaires and NuLEDs’ drivers, software, sensors and keypads.

“Our collaboration with NuLEDs on the design and implementation of LED lighting solutions using PoE provides a link between LED light fixtures and the Internet of Things,” said Ken Walma, vice president and general manager, Eaton’s Lighting Division.

The collaboration has already been active in delivering several projects with Eaton’s PoE-enabled Metalux Encounter luminaire featuring WaveStream LED technology and NuLEDs’ Single Packet Illumination Control Environment solution. The lighting network will include NuLEDs’ NuSPICE protocol, allowing for communication to its sensors, wall controllers and other devices on the network. Both buildings will include NuLEDs’ PoE modules, the SpiceBox, which converts PoE power to drive LEDs and sensors.

“Our combined systems can meet design applications where the customer desires connected LED lighting solutions that utilize a converged IT infrastructure in the building,” said Lisa Isaacson, co-founder and chief business development officer, NuLEDs.

The NuLEDs SpiceBox also assigns a unique Media Access Control (MAC) address to each device, giving each fixture or sensor the ability to broadcast its location and receive network information and control commands.

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