Eco-friendly Shading Features Renewable Feedstock

Phifer’s SheerWeave Style 4000 Series FabricsPhifer’s SheerWeave Style 4000 Series Fabrics

Phifer’s SheerWeave Style 4000 Series Fabrics

Phifer’s SheerWeave Style 4000 Series Fabrics

The stylish green shades installed throughout Michigan State University’s Student Union building are an eye-catching display of school pride. But what’s more notable are the sustainable features woven into every shade fabric.

Now made with DOW ECOLIBRIUM Bio-Based Plasticizers, Phifer’s SheerWeave Style 4000 Series Fabrics combine the durability of vinyl-coated polyester with the latest in green vinyl technology for a next-generation, eco-friendly shading solution that offers responsible light management and energy savings. This unique green technology is exclusive to Phifer for the window treatment industry.

DOW ECOLIBRIUM Plasticizers are made from 98 percent renewable feedstock and offer a phthalate-free alternative to shades constructed with traditional petroleum-based plasticizers. Redefining vinyl sustainability, these new compounds meet tough regulatory requirements, providing a reduced carbon footprint and compound that can be recycled in a standard vinyl stream. DOW plasticizers also reduce greenhouse gases by 40 percent versus traditional plasticizers.

With a whisper of light and color, SheerWeave fabrics elegantly manage the sun’s heat and glare at the window, improving air conditioning efficiency and protecting interior furnishings from fading – all while maintaining outward visibility. Designed with today’s demanding commercial market in mind, the Style 4000 Series is offered in a range of neutral colors and openness factors ranging from 3 to 5 percent.

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