Edge Adhesives Launches Brand Specializing in Waterproofing and Building Products

Edge Adhesives, a manufacturer of specialty materials and an innovator behind multiple waterproofing products, roof coatings and window flashing tapes, launches a brand: Plioseal. This move comes after the acquisition and integration of several other sealant, adhesive and coatings companies over recent years.

The Plioseal brand now represents a combined 150 years of building and waterproofing expertise. This market knowledge and history in conjunction with Edge Adhesive’s corporate philosophy of market development through product innovation and design, makes Plioseal the choice premium building and waterproofing brand.

“Plioseal is an exciting and critical new step for Edge Adhesives. We are launching one of the most innovative and diversified brands in the market,” comments Edge Adhesives President Edward Klavin. “Many of the products being offered under the Plioseal brand will be the first opportunity the market has to purchase manufacturer direct. In some cases, we are launching new products that will be exclusively sold through Plioseal. With committed product development and strategic corporate acquisition, we are positioning Plioseal as the brand to look to for smart solutions for the residential, commercial and metal building construction markets.”

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