Efficient Fifty Private Companies List Includes Enlighted

Enlighted was recognized in the inaugural Efficient Fifty Private Companies List from JMP Securities, honoring innovative companies in the industrial and energy technology industries.

“One objective we had in establishing the Efficient Fifty list was to identify emerging companies that help buildings to function more effectively,” says Joseph Osha, managing director and senior research analyst at JMP Securities. “Enlighted’s sensor and network technologies address that challenge by gathering multiple streams of data and providing building managers with analysis and actionable insights. Its benefits are made accessible through its GEO program, a funding solution that eliminates upfront costs.”

The Enlighted System is a sensory system for commercial buildings, with IoT sensors installed in every ambient light fixture. Granular data is collected 65 times/second to detect environmental and occupancy changes and take action on lighting and HVAC needs in real-time, as well as help companies better optimize their space usage. Installed in more than 175 million square feet of space, the advanced IoT system has demonstrated reduced energy costs by an average of 88 percent.

The GEO Program from Enlighted is a financing solution that eliminates up-front costs by allowing customers to pay for the system entirely from the lighting and HVAC energy savings. “What differentiates GEOTM from lighting as a service models is following our agreed-upon term, enterprises reap 100 percent of the energy savings and own an advanced IoT platform,” says Joe Costello, CEO at Enlighted. “While important and beneficial to the environment and a company’s sustainability efforts, the energy savings is the gateway to funding advanced data and intelligence capabillities that turn smart buildings into Brillant Buildings. Companies can now make informed business decisions that impact their business operations and enhance building occupant experiences.”

JMP evaluated more than 250 companies in pursuit of identifying the top companies with technologies that help customers become smarter and more efficient. Companies were identified in four categories, Intelligent Infrastructure; Intelligent Industry; Smart Assets and Energy Storage.

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