Efficiently Light High-traffic Outdoor Areas

Spaulding Lighting’s VandaliaSpaulding Lighting’s Vandalia

Spaulding Lighting’s Vandalia

Spaulding Lighting’s Vandalia

To efficiently illuminate high-traffic outdoor areas, Hubbell Lighting offers two new high-performance pedestrian post top LED luminaires—Spaulding Lighting’s Peachtree and Vandalia. Based on the popular traditional designs of the company’s existing HID Peachtree and Vandalia post top luminaires, the new LED versions beautifully and efficiently illuminate parks, rest areas, apartments, schools, campuses, recreational areas and swimming pools.

Ideal for lower-lighting level applications, Spaulding Lighting’s LED post top luminaires offer proven designs and dependable performance with dramatically less energy use. A traditional look with new LED technology, the Peachtree features borosilicate glass or polycarbonate refractor in Type III or Type V round light patterns. Durable construction for years of maintenance-free service, the LED Vandalia provides the maximum vandal resistance with a polycarbonate lens in Type II or Type V round distribution. Both LED luminaires come with multiple pole top or tenon mounting options and a five-year warranty.


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