Empire Level Asks for Professionals to Post Online Reviews of Its Tools

Empire Level, a designer and manufacturer of levels, squares, layout tools and caution tape, is proud to announce the launch of its newest consumer outreach program, Contractor Connect.

In an effort to better understand the needs of Empire’s users, the company is sending Empire tools to industry professionals and asking the pros to put the tools through their paces—on the jobsite, at home or wherever there is need for them. Empire then asks program participants to visit Empire’s Facebook page and write a review, including pictures of the tools in use. There is no obligation to submit a positive review.

The program continues a long-standing tradition within the family-owned company to reach out to pros and DIYers in an effort to produce the best tools on the market.

“We know levels but the people out on jobsites, using our products every day, are the true experts,” states Jenni Becker, president of Empire Level since 2003. “This program offers us a direct link to the very people who can tell us what we’re doing right and what needs improving.”

Contractor Connect participants keep all tools sent to them by Empire and will be entered into a drawing for additional prizes once they post an online review on Empire’s Facebook page. The page boasts an audience of approximately 17,000 fans, meaning each Contractor Connect review will be widely read.

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