EMS is a Member of the American Shutter Systems Association

Eastern Metal Supply (EMS) is a member of the American Shutter Systems Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and testing hurricane protection products. This May, ASSA celebrates 25 years of helping homeowners protect what matters most.

ASSA was founded in South Florida in 1995 to develop, test and approve hurricane shutter products for its members. Since its inception, ASSA has conducted research that has led to the development of new products to better protect homes from the devastating effects of hurricanes. These shutters and other devices provide protection at affordable prices. 

Outreach is a significant portion of ASSA’s mission, educating the public about the various types of protection available so they can shield their homes in the best possible way. 

ASSA also works with building officials and government agencies, keeping them abreast of advances in technology and aiding them in making informed decisions. They also act as a liaison for members to all evaluation services such as Miami-Dade County, the Texas Department of Insurance, and the Florida Building Commission and others.

ASSA ensures that its members produce quality hurricane protection products by guaranteeing that all manufacturing participants have a facility capable of doing so. All of the products produced by the members meet or exceed the latest building codes so homeowners can be sure they are getting the best. Also, all members are licensed and insured. 

For 25 years, ASSA has maintained the highest standards for public health, safety, and welfare. Eastern Metal Supply is proud to have been there since the beginning. Join EMS in wishing ASSA a happy birthday.

For more information, please visit www.easternmetal.com

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