Energy-efficient Thermostats for Floor Warming System

EasyHeat's dual-voltage programmable (FGS) and non-programmable (FG) thermostatsEasyHeat's dual-voltage programmable (FGS) and non-programmable (FG) thermostats

EasyHeat's dual-voltage programmable (FGS) and non-programmable (FG) thermostats

EasyHeat’s dual-voltage programmable (FGS) and non-programmable (FG) thermostats

EasyHeat, maker of WarmTiles floor warming systems, has introduced its new dual-voltage programmable (FGS) and non-programmable (FG) thermostats. Both thermostats assure energy-efficient, optimized heating comfort regardless of input voltage, room size, or the user’s personal preference.

EasyHeat FGS and FG thermostats are engineered to provide flooring contractors, distributors, and end-users added flexibility with the versatility to be used with floor warming mats or cables at either 120 or 240 Vac and loads up to 15 Amps total system current. Built-in GFCI protection eliminates the need to buy or install additional components, while precise temperature control is achieved through the easy to read interface.

The new EasyHeat thermostats are compact with a low profile and a light neutral color that easily blends into the wall. The programmable FGS can be set for 5/2 or full seven days to accommodate user schedules. The non-programmable FG has a simple temperature adjustment interface and on/off switch. Both meet or exceed the electrical requirements.

EasyHeat makes the world’s most beautiful floors even more inviting by adding soothing, energy-efficient heat. EasyHeat cables and prefabricated warming mats have been keeping stone, ceramic and engineered wood flooring comfortable for over 40 years. The systems are easily installed over plywood, concrete or cement backerboard subflooring, and can be embedded in thinset or self-leveling underlayment.

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