Enlighted Inc. is Listed on the DLC ALC Qualified Products List

Enlighted Inc. has been listed on the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Advanced Lighting Controls (ALC) Qualified Products List as one of two networked lighting controls products currently recognized.

Founded in 1996, the DLC is dedicated to the adoption of high-performing, energy efficient commercial lighting solutions. The DLC’s Qualified Products List defines high performance through specific technical requirements and is used as a resource by experts throughout the commercial lighting industry. The DLC has developed a specification for ALC that will be used by utilities for incentives.

Enlighted CEO Joe Costello addressed the DLC at its annual stakeholder meeting, exploring the future of lighting and its value as the key to unlocking the IoT, with the ability to enable asset tracking, space utilization and HVAC optimization.

“Recognition from the DesignLights Consortium on its ALC Qualified Product List is an honor,” said Costello. “We envision a marketplace where LED lighting will be installed with ALC, enabling lighting control to go beyond just energy savings to unlocking the IoT.”

Enlighted’s IoT solutions create smart buildings through new and existing lighting systems by establishing a network of smart sensors that gather data in real-time on light, heat, occupancy, security, and asset location. The data is analyzed via apps and interface with building systems to optimize the environment – leading to comfort, reduced cost and efficiency.

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