Enter the 2022 Brick in Architecture Awards

The Brick Industry Association (BIA) has opened entries for the international 2022 Brick in Architecture Awards, featuring a new category for thin brick projects.

Entries are now due by Nov. 11. As the nation’s leading architectural design competition featuring fired-clay brick, all submissions must use clay brick as the project’s primary building material. Entrants must be either an architect or designer employed by an architectural, design-build or landscaping design firm.

“The awards demonstrate why clay brick matters as an inherently sustainable material with infinite design possibilities, enduring value, superior durability, fire resistance and energy savings,” says BIA President and CEO Ray Leonhard.

Per the competition rules, eligible projects include any work of architecture completed since January 1, 2017, in which new clay brick products comprise the predominant exterior building or paving material (over 50 percent) including face or hollow brick, building brick, thin brick, paving brick, glazed brick, structural glazed facing tile, new clay brick products in special shapes and/or a combination of these. 

An overall Craftsmanship Award will honor a mason or team of masons with exceptionally artful or unique installation.

Entries must be submitted online by Nov. 11 in one or more of these categories:

1. Commercial

2. Education – K-12

3. Education – Colleges & Universities (Higher Education)*

4. Residential – Single Family

5. Residential – Multi-Family

6. Thin Brick (New for 2022)

7. Paving & Landscape Projects**

8. Historic Renovation***

9. International (Projects outside of the US, Canada or a U.S. territory must be entered in this category)

* Includes residence halls and academic/administrative buildings

**At least 50 percent of the project must include clay pavers

***Does not need to meet the 50 percent or more new brick requirement but project must have 50 percent or more renovated brick renovated

BIA and Zonda will co-brand an email featuring the winning projects to more than 40,000 architects and designers. 

?All submitted projects will be posted to BIA’s online Photo Gallery

The winners will be judged by peers in December and announced next January. This video features last year’s winning projects.

Questions: Tricia Mauer, [email protected]

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