enVerid Hires Christian Weeks as Chief Executive Officer

Christian Weeks joins enVerid Systems as chief executive officer.
Christian Weeks joins enVerid Systems as chief executive officer.

enVerid Systems has announced the hiring of Christian Weeks as chief executive officer. Mr. Weeks will assume his role effective immediately.

Mr. Weeks joins enVerid after a career with Boston-based EnerNOC Inc., which was acquired by Enel X, the Enel Group’s energy services business line. Mr. Weeks served as vice president and general manager of Enel X’s North America business-to-business product line. Mr. Weeks’ hire is central to the enVerid commercial scale-up strategy.

Company co-founder, Udi Meirav, who has served as CEO since the company’s inception, will remain with the company as president and CTO. “Bringing in an executive of Christian’s caliber is very exciting for our company and our investors”, he says. “His addition to the team will help us scale up commercial operations in response to overwhelming demand from the market.”

Based in Westwood, Mass., enVerid has developed a technology to improve air quality in buildings, reduce HVAC system costs, and lower energy consumption. The technology, known as HLR (for HVAC Load Reduction), has undergone years of development and testing and is now being embraced and adopted in commercial buildings all over the world.

Last month, the enVerid HLR technology received the AHR Expo Product of the Year Award. Independent judges from the industry described the technology as visionary, calling it a game-changer. enVerid also took home the top award in the AHR Expo Green Building Category.  

“I am honored and thrilled to join enVerid, which is one of the most remarkable start-ups to emerge in the Boston clean tech arena focused on energy efficiency and green buildings,” says Mr. Weeks, who is tasked with leading the company as it scales up sales and manufacturing operations to meet growing market demand. “enVerid has a proven, breakthrough technology that improves the health and energy efficiency of the massive built environment. I look forward to working with the talented enVerid team and committed investors to scale up the business to capture this exciting market opportunity,” he adds. 

The enVerid HLR has an impact on the design and scale of HVAC systems in commercial buildings, allowing downsizing of such systems by eliminating the load associated with the practice of air replacement.  The practice of pushing large amounts of outside air into the building through its HVAC systems, driven by the needs to maintain indoor air freshness, creates excessive load on the air conditioning systems which requires oversized units and energy waste. The HLR solution, pioneered by enVerid, provides the desired air freshness by removing unwanted indoor air contaminants without requiring wholesale replacement of the indoor air.  The downsizing of systems enabled by HLR technology delivers capital cost savings on new HVAC systems while providing up to 40 percent energy savings.  Furthermore, recycling indoor air also means reducing the building’s intake of polluted outside air.  Better indoor air quality is proven to enhance cognitive performance, productivity, and overall health.  

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