Evolucia’s new Aimed Optics Products Recognized in the Next Generation Outdoor Luminaire Award Ceremony

Evolucia Inc. has announced it has been awarded Patent No. 8,635,049 for a “Light unit with light output pattern synthesized from multiple light sources”. This patent allows Evolucia the proprietary rights to exclusively design, engineer and manufacture LED lights that utilize multiple mounting angles within a LED fixture to precisely “aim” light at a specific target area. Recently, at the ‘Strategy in Light’ Conference in Santa Clara, Calif., Evolucia’s new Aimed Optics products were recognized in the Next Generation Outdoor Luminaire Award ceremony for their color quality, appropriate illuminance, light distribution, glare control, appearance, serviceability, and value. Energy efficiency and lumen maintenance were evaluated quantitatively based on required documentation, and flexibility, innovation, and controllability were taken into consideration when appropriate.

This prestigious competition is organized annually by the United States Department of Energy, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and the International Association of Lighting Designers to recognize high performing and innovative commercial outdoor lighting solutions.

This recognition validates EvoLucia’s next-generation Night Warrior and Night Watch product lines and further validates Evolucia’s Aimed Optics technology as one of the most efficient LED lighting technologies in the industry. Our patented Aimed Optics technology allows our fixtures to deliver the highest amount of clean white light to the target area while requiring the least amount of energy. We accomplish this by aiming the LEDs within each fixture at pre-defined points of the target area such that the target area is completely and uniformly illuminated.

Evolucia has invested significant capital into its patented Aimed Optics product development platform, and has spent the last two years refining its next generation outdoor and indoor product lines in order to minimize material and component costs and to ensure manufacturing efficiencies.

According to Paul Montesino, VP of Global Marketing at Evolucia, “A tremendous amount of work has gone into the design, engineering, production and quality control processes for the launch of these new product lines. We submitted two of our Aimed Optics products to the NGL for consideration, our next generation Cobrahead and our new Night Watchman parking and area light, and both products were recognized for their excellence by the NGL. Our Aimed Optics platform is allowing us to deliver high performance products with lower system costs per application, which provides our sales force with a distinct advantage over the competition.”

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