Excel Dryer Inc. Announces Publication of Dry Time and Energy Use Results

Excel Dryer Inc. announced the publication of the dry time and energy use results in compliance with the Product Category Rule (PCR) published by UL Environment. SGS was selected by Excel Dryer to test the XLERATOR Hand Dryer models. The XLERATOR Hand Dryer recorded an 8 second dry time and 3.7 Wh of energy per use while the XLERATOReco Hand Dryer recorded 10 seconds, 1.7 Wh, respectively.
PCRs are a step toward the development of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), type III, independently verified ecolabels that govern one or more product categories. A PCR is a set of rules, requirements and guidelines following internationally established standards that make it easier to evaluate products’ environmental impacts. The publication of the global hand dryer PCR is the culmination of more than a year long, data-driven and science-backed process and is a testing method for hand dryers established through industry consensus. Standardized evaluation guidelines and reporting allow for the specifying community and buyers to conduct a more ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison of hand dryers, and ultimately make a more informed decision, based on third-party testing.
“We are proud to have initiated the development of the global PCR published by UL Environment,” said Vice President of Marketing at Excel Dryer, William Gagnon, who also served as Chairman of the PCR project. “Excel Dryer recognized the need to standardize the way products are evaluated by the hand dryer industry. This PCR includes testing guidelines established through industry consensus that specify how a hand dryer’s performance is tested for energy use and dry times, both components are needed to properly report their environmental impact. Third-party testing to these guidelines levels the playing field.’”
“If we say something, we can back it up,” said Excel Dryer President, Denis Gagnon. “I’m proud to be an American manufacturer of quality products people enjoy using and can depend on. The publication of the PCR allows companies to create EPDs which help people compare hand dryers accurately to make a better decision.”
The hand dryer market, like so many others, is inundated with knockoff products and manufacturers making unsubstantiated claims. Architects and specifiers may approve ‘or equal’ products that are not true equivalents. The same is true for buyers looking to compare and purchase products for their facilities. All products need to be evaluated by the same set of rules and reporting guidelines — for hand dryers, that rule is the PCR from UL Environment.
To learn more about the PCR visit here.

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