Exterior Trim Is Weather-resistant

VERSATEX has added six profiles to its line of weather- and insect-resistant cellular PVC mouldings. The 16-footlong window-trim profiles include window sill, 11/4 by 43/4 inches; sill nose, 15/16 by 13/8 inches; and heavy sill nose, 13/4 by 23/8 inches. The 16-foot-long garage-door stop is 2 by 3/8 inches. The 16-foot-long beadboard cap is 11/8 inches by 15/32 inch and an accessory for VERSATEX tongue and-groove profiles. The 18-foot-long J-channel brickmould is 11/4 by 3 inches. All mouldings match the color and gloss of other VERSATEX architectural elements.

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